for State Senate District 58

“Serving the people, not special interests.”


Meet Amanda

Amanda comes to the campaign with over sixteen years of experience serving the public—waiting tables. In her spare time, she has taken on a variety of responsibilities as a member of the Ulysses Democratic Committee and a local activist focusing on social justice.

She has organized a People’s Caucus, uniting local community groups in collaboration with county legislators. Representing a broad array of community interests, the People’s Caucus includes participants from Mentors for Change, Alliance of Families for Justice, the Workers’ Center, Decarcerate Tompkins County and more.Amanda is also vice chair of the Tompkins County Employee Federal Credit Union and treasurer of the Jacksonville Community Association. She advocates for equitable treatment for everyone, living wage employment, and affordable housing every step of the way.

A seventh-generation resident of the 58th District, Amanda graduated from Tompkins-Cortland Community College in 2005. She never forgets a face and knows how to bring people together. Amanda understands the challenge of campaigning, and her bold and creative vision will harness the energy of all New Yorkers who are tired of a broken state government.


As I campaign across the district, meeting new people and strengthening relationships, I ask, “What is important to you? What can I do to better serve you in Albany?” Here are some testimonials from those I am seeking to better represent in our State Senate. 

Amanda’s Priorities

New York Health Act

With skyrocketing costs, and scarce medical services, rural districts are in a healthcare crisis. The New York Health Act (SB4840) would provide every New Yorker unfettered access to the health care they need and allow local governments to enact the biggest property tax cut in New York history. The New York Health Act would be a game changer for small businesses, who would no longer need to worry about insurance premiums that go up and up. I will cosponsor the New York Health Act on my first day in the Senate.


Standing with 71% of New Yorkers, I support a state job guarantee. New Yorkers on unemployment and welfare benefits would rather be working. A state jobs guarantee would create hundreds of thousands of full-time union jobs in a broad range of sectors.

New York can guarantee jobs through massive investments in infrastructure and services throughout the state. We will bring broadband, rural health clinics, and renewable energy to the Southern Tier as well as restore crumbling roads and bridges throughout District 58. 

Investing in New York residents will build local economies for future generations.

Cleaning Up Albany

Tom O’Mara works for a law firm that lobbies Albany for laxer environmental regulations, while chairing the environmental subcommittee. Why does he need a second job? After I am sworn in, I will have one job: serving the people of District 58. 

I will push for 8-year term limits to prevent entrenched incumbents from forgetting who they serve. I will also support ending extra pay for committee chairs, known as lulus, which encourage corruption.

Criminal Justice Reform

I support eliminating cash bail statewide (Assembly Bill A08820). Cash bail puts those accused of nonviolent offenses and folks unable to pay bail behind bars unnecessarily. It can cost them their jobs and hurt their families, all at huge cost to taxpayers.

I am also in favor of legalizing marijuana statewide and forgiving all marijuana convictions.

Protecting Our Finger Lakes

Our lakes are the heart of our district. Rising temperatures, increased flooding, and continued fertilizer runoff are creating more toxic algae blooms each year, killing fish, poisoning drinking water supplies, and threatening recreational activities. Tourism drives many of our small communities. Without healthy lakes and waterways our local economies will suffer.

I will insist we do more than study the problem—we need solutions now. I’ll propose ways for the state to work with local governments and farmers to reduce runoff from fields, creating well-paid construction jobs at the same time.


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